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Learn how to get started with aerating and overseeding quickly, and what it takes to offer this service!

Teach Me How To Make Money Aerating & Overseeding!

Expanding Services While Adding Almost ZERO Overhead!

One of the first services I expanded with was spring and fall aerations, and I'm so glad that I did. I learned the basics of how to offer spring and fall aerations back with my stint with a national fertilizer company I worked for, and I soon realized what a cash cow service it was.

When I started my lawn care business, I quickly realized that I needed to generate extra revenue in the spring, and this was the best route for my business at the time. There was almost no additional cost to offering this service (other than an equipment rental) and the amount of revenue it brought in was vital to help me launch my business when I needed the money most.

Learn the basics in this training program about how to bid, price, and perform spring and fall aerations. As an added bonus, we'll talk about overseeding, which can be an equally profitable service to add while expanding into the aeration business!


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