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Getting Organized At The Beginning Of The Season

One thing that we implemented over the last 4 years that has paid huge dividends for us is sending out our lawn agreement forms in the spring. These forms came out of a need to help us better understand our clients needs for the upcoming season, and get a better pulse on the work flow needed for the following year. It's allowed us to let customers know what other services we offer, allowed us to up-sell and cross-sell, and to just get better organized over all.

We send these out in the beginning of the season and usually get them back within the next few weeks. We compile a master list and then plan our calendar accordingly. It's streamlined a lot of our processes and allowed us to tackle the spring playing offense, rather than going through the season playing defense! See if it makes sense for your business and something you want to implement! I know it worked wonders for us, and cleared up a lot of headaches and overwhelm when trying to plan our year. It's not a silver bullet, but it does help get the season started off on the right foot! Download it today by clicking the link above!


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